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Companies Must Now Be Online According to the New Website Regulation

The New Turkish Commercial Code required under Article 1524 certain companies1 (“Company”) to have a website. The Regulation on Company Websites (“Regulation”), referred by the same Article has entered into force on May 31, 2013.

The Regulation requires Companies to have a website and allocate part of the website to (i) announcements the Companies shall publish by operation of law and (ii) the information society services.

Pursuant to the Regulation, Companies

a) are required to have created a website within 3 months commencing July 1, 2013 if the Company is incorporated prior to this date.

b) provided the Company is incorporated after May 31, 2013, it is required to have a website within 3 months following the date of incorporation.

c) may fulfil their obligations in relation to their websites either by themselves or acquire these services from the Central Database Service Provider (“MTHS”).

d) shall have their websites registered under their Central Registration Recording System (“MERSİS”) number.

Finally, the Regulation lists the announcements that must be published on the Company’s website.


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