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The New Postal Services Law Paves the Way for the Private Companies to Engage in Postal Service Activities

The New Postal Services Law Numbered 6475 (“Law”) has been published in the Official Gazette dated May 23, 2013 and numbered 28655. The Law aims to liberalize and thereby establish a strong, stabilized and transparent postal services sector within Turkey. The Law also provides that a new public entity namely Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı Anonim Sirketi ("PTT A.S.") shall be incorporated which shall act as a postal service provider in Turkey.

Article 3 of the Law defines the term service providers as “PTT A.S. and companies listed under Article 124 of the Turkish Commercial Code which are authorized under the Law to act as a service provider within the postal service sector.” Previously, The General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization (PTT) was a state monopoly, acting as the sole service provider within the postal service sector.

Pursuant to Article 9 of the Law, all service providers must be authorized by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority. The principles and procedures applicable to the authorization of the service providers are also regulated under the Law.


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