Administrative & Regulatory Affairs

Understanding local, regional and national authorities and regulations is crucial to managing a successful enterprise in Turkey. Whether your business is in the services or manufacturing sector, these regulations have an impact on the land you have, the offices you work in, the staff you employ and the products and services you provide. From environmental law to planning permissions, negotiating the local regulatory landscape is changing as regulations develop in line with the EU.


Public law is not only important in understanding your local business environment but also for establishment of your businesses in the public sector which is an important market. ErsoyBilgehan can help you provide products and services to the public sector and to meet their standards for procurement. The public client is changing and looking at new ways of doing business, including e-government and outsourcing. We advise both public authorities and their suppliers on meeting emerging needs.

Understanding public regulatory law is of course fundamental for those industries undergoing deregulation, including postal services, energy and transport. We are in touch with the goals of national regulators and with standard industry practice. We can give practical and relevant advice on building a new business or adapting to new regulatory conditions, as well as developing relationships with new customers, suppliers and partners across borders.

ErsoyBilgehan benefits from the diverse and complementary skills and experience of its lawyers. We handle a broad range of matters, including complex public contracts and large development projects. Our lawyers also have expertise in the area of regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, finance, telecommunications and media, energy and natural resources.

We tailor our services to the specific needs and expectations of our Turkish and international clients, including large companies and groups, State and other public entities and hospitals. In the international arena, we handle large-scale, complex transactions involving Turkish, European and other foreign investors.

Our services include:

  • assistance with regulations and procedures governing all stages of doing business in the public markets, including the telecommunications, transportation and energy sectors
  • advice to public entities and to service providers to public entities
  • drafting and negotiation of public service contracts
  • management of disputes relating to public markets and public service concessions
  • use and valuation of the public domain and the private property of public entities (administrative leases, complex contracts)
  • drafting and negotiation of contracts for public land use
  • financing of public projects
  • creation and restructuring of mixed public-private development companies

Our Lawyers Specializing on Administrative & Regulatory Affairs