Human resources can be a key element in delivering a successful strategy and managing employees can be critical. The relationship between employer and employee is a highly sensitive area involving not only statutory and contractual aspects, but also human, political and social dimensions.


ErsoyBilgehan provides advice on all aspects of human resources and employment law. Our employment law services include counselling on general personnel matters and issues arising from traditional labour-management relations (recruitment to termination including management agreements, profit sharing and pension models), equal employment opportunity claims, immigration and occupational safety and health claims.

We have a holistic understanding of the issues involved and we deliver workable and pragmatic solutions that fit with the culture and structure of the client’s organisation and workforce.

Adapting your business to serve your market may involve reorganisation, relocating, making acquisitions or downsizing. The consequences for your workforce may be significant and ErsoyBilgehan is ready to conduct negotiations between management, unions and staff representatives to develop effective compromises.

Where this is not possible, we also have extensive experience in contentious labour law.

Our Lawyers Specializing on Employment